School Uniform

Re-sale of second-hand uniform

All items for sale must be CLEAN and in good repair and should be clearly marked with the child’s full name, class and parent telephone number. Items may be handed into the secretary’s office in a clearly marked carrier bag.

After buying clothing from the uniform shop please re-mark it immediately and remove the previous owner’s name.

All clothing will be priced in the shop – usually a quarter to half the original price, depending on the condition. 20% of the selling price will be retained by the school. Payouts are made at the end of each term.

Please note that no redundant items of clothing will be accepted or sold at the second-hand shop. No returns are permitted for second-hand clothing. 

Summer Uniform

  • Short sleeved green checked dress.
  • Black shoes (lace-up or sandals).
  • White ankle socks.
  • Either the Greenfield fleece school jacket or the navy blue school cardigan with school badge (or both).

Winter Uniform

  • Short sleeved green checked dress.
  • Black shoes (lace-up or sandals).
  • Navy blue woollen/lycra/opaque tights (please avoid tights that ladder easily).
  • Either the Greenfield fleece school jacket or the navy blue school cardigan with school badge (or both). The fleece jacket may be worn over the cardigan for extra warmth.
  • A Greenfield scarf and/or beanie may be worn to and from school.
  • Plain white vests (long or short sleeved) may be worn under the checked dress. Long sleeved vests must always be covered up by the fleece jacket or cardigan. Vests must be concealed as best as possible. Understandably, vests may be slightly visible along the collar line and on the chest.
  • Official school tracksuits may be worn. Tracksuits may only be worn on days when there is Physical Education (PE) and over Sports Uniforms (see below). Tracksuits may also be worn when permission is given to do so for other events such as extramural activities and/or outings.


The uniform shop is open every Friday from 07h45 to 08h30 and 13h00 to 14h00.

Returns permitted on new items only if returned within seven (7) days of receipt and in the original packaging. No items of possible hygiene concern will be returned.

School & Leisure (Rondebosch)

School & Leisure is the official supplier for the Greenfield uniform not stocked at the school uniform shop.

Address: Shop 49level 4, Rondebosch Main Shopping Centre, Main Road, Rondebosch

Contact Number: 021 686 1541/2

Trading Hours: Mon-Fri 08h30-17h00, Sat 08h30-13h00

Other Items

  • Navy raincoat
  • Navy satchel OR satchel on wheels
  • Greenfield navy sports tog-bag
  • Navy hair accessories
  • School Sun Hat/ Peak (No Hat No Play)
  • House Sports T-Shirt (House Colour)

  • Predominantly white takkies with a non-marking sole
  • Hockey boots or track shoes
  • Navy hockey socks
  • School swimming costume
  • Swimming cap (in house colour)
  • Navy neck purse



Physical Education lessons are often limited in time, with changing in and out of uniforms taking up much of this time. The girls are therefore permitted to arrive at school on Phys Ed days only in their sports uniforms. They may then stay in this outfit for the day.

Please take careful note of the following:

  • A full sports uniform needs to be worn; neatly and correctly (Skort with navy team sports shirt. No house shirts).
  • As far as possible, predominantly white takkies should be worn. Psychedelic and luminous colours must be avoided.
  • No black soled shoes will be permitted onto the tennis/netball courts.
  • Unless otherwise stated, sports uniforms may not be worn should there be a class outing or formal school event.

Examples of our uniform

Summer Uniform

Sports Uniform