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  Applications for 2023 have Closed

Applications for 2024 open on 13 March 2023

As per the Western Cape Education Department (W.C.E.D.), the official admissions period opens on 13 March 2023 and Closed on 14 April 2023. The W.C.E.D. has, in addition to the school’s admission process, initiated a compulsory online application process for the admission of learners in 2023. We are unable to process your application if you do not apply online.

Link to WCED Application Portal :

Download our Admission Form Here



  • All parents submitting a hard copy of the Greenfield Application Form will also need to apply online via the W.C.E.D. portal at this link: This website can be accessed from any device that can access the Internet, such as laptop computers, tablets or even smartphones.
  • After having registered on the portal, parents will be asked to choose and rank schools in order of preference. There are no guarantees for first choices.
  • Important: Each school will apply their own Admission Policy when considering applications.
  • Parents must upload copies of supporting documents required onto the system when applying.
  • In order for applications to be processed timeously, parents must hand in a completed Greenfield Application form and certified copies of supporting documents to the school by no later than 12pm on 26 March 2021.
  • By this time, any application without supporting documents handed to the school AND uploaded onto the W.C.E.D. portal will be deemed to be incomplete and will not be processed. See the WCED terms and conditions HERE.
  • In order to avoid disappointment, parents are advised to hand in hard copy applications to ALL of the schools applied to on the system. Furthermore, schools/governing bodies have the right to reject applications if parents submit false/untrue or fraudulent documents. Documents will be carefully scrutinised and verified.
  • An application submitted online after 23 March 2021 will be considered to be a late application.
  • As per the dates and information provided by the WCED, application outcomes are due to become available on the system from TBA.
  • Unless stated otherwise on the system, applicants who have not heard from the school by TBA can consider their application to be unsuccessful.
  • Successful applicants must in writing accept and confirm directly with the school an offer of placement at Greenfield within 3 days of the offer, but no later than 3pm on 25 June 2021.
  • If parents do not confirm acceptance with the school by 3pm on 25 June 2021, parents must then confirm acceptance of their final choice on the system before 00h00 on 25 June 2021.
  • If parents do not confirm final acceptance by 00h00 on 25 June 2021 on the system  i) any place that might have been offered at Greenfield will be forfeited and the school will be at liberty to offer it to another learner who is on the waiting list, and  ii) the system will automatically allocate the first successful offer from a school on the applicant’s list to the learner whose parents did not confirm.
  • Parents are strongly advised to apply to more than one school. This will ensure that parents have at least another possible option if Greenfield is unable to provide a place.
  • After acceptance and confirmation of places by parents, Greenfield will then be in the position to offer any further places that may later open up to learners on the waiting list.
NO electronic submissions of documents to the school will be accepted, only hard copies delivered in person.

Only applicants who are invited for a meeting with the principal will be granted a tour of the school. Greenfield does not have an open day.

* Greenfield Girls’ Primary School is a Quintile 5 Fee Paying School

For inquiries email admissions or phone 021 797 0554

What is a quintile school?
  • The Minister of Education classifies schools according to the level of poverty in surrounding areas.
  • The factors that they consider include the surrounding infrastructure and how many homes in the area are made from brick, wood, iron sheeting, and so on.
  • Schools are then ranked between quintiles 1 and 5, with quintile 1 being schools in a very poor area and quintile 5 being schools in a wealthier area.
  • Schools in quintiles 1 to 3 are no-fee schools, and schools in quintiles 4 and 5 are fee-charging schools.
  • Government wholly subsidises schools in quintiles 1 to 3, and minimally subsidises schools in quintiles 4 and 5.
  • For each province, the Minister must publish a list of no-fee-paying schools where learners are entitled to enrol without paying any school fees. CLICK HERE for the latest available list of no-fee-paying schools in the Western Cape.
Is Greenfield subsidised by the government?
Yes, but minimally.

Public schools are subsidised by the Education Department according to the quintile that they have been classified in. Greenfield Girls’ Primary is classified as a Quintile 5 school.

This is what each quintile school receives per year per learner from the department:

  • Quintile 1, 2 & 3: R1 471 (no-fee schools)
  • Quintile 4: R737 (fee paying schools)
  • Quintile 5: R254 (fee paying schools)

Please note that this excludes Grade R as the department does not at present recognise Grade R as compulsory.

This then equates to, at a maximum capacity of 224 learners (excluding Grade R), an amount of R56 896 per year that Greenfield receives from the department. It covers less than 1% of the school’s operational costs.

Are the Greenfield staff paid by the government?
Only a  few!

Greenfield Girls’ Primary strives to maintain high standards in all it does. The school is only able to achieve this by:

  • Attracting and retaining passionate educators and other staff
  • Employing additional educators in order to limit class sizes and to focus on specialist subjects
  • Employing an onsite school counsellor, learning support specialist and having the services of an onsite occupational therapist
  • Employing student teachers and teacher aids who are instrumental in assisting our educators and girls
  • Providing a variety of extramural activities in several sporting codes and cultural activities such as dance, drama, art and music
  • Employing a sports administrator, outside coaches, a dance teacher, an art teacher, a drama teacher and a music teacher
  • Employing an estate manager and additional support staff to maintain the school’s campus

All of the above involves staff that are often specialised in their specific areas.

Excluding outside coaches, Greenfield has a total of 40 staff members. are employed by the Western Cape Education Department. Those employed by the W.C.E.D include the principal, 1 head of department (class teacher), 3 class teachers and 3 support staff.

All other staff members are employed by the School Governing Body (S.G.B.) and remunerated by the school from the fees paid by parents.


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