WhatsApp Etiquette

WhatsApp groups are created in order to keep the avenues open with regards to communication. Effective communication is essential and WhatsApp has proven to be an ideal medium.

With these groups, however, comes the responsible use of its members.

Please take note of the following:

  • NO messages are permitted to be posted before 6am and after 8:00pm, seven days a week.
  • NO personal advertising unless first arranged with the administrator and approved by the class teacher. Please rather avoid this.
  • NO general conversations. Please, rather chat to the person concerned via a private message instead of subjecting the group to long-winded chats on the group. It can become distracting and annoying to group member.
  • NO harsh words, gossiping, unpleasant comments or nastiness. These sort of issues should be brought directly to the teacher’s attention.

What these groups are NOT:

  • Unless absolutely necessary, they are NOT a facility to help find lost property.
  • They are NOT a facility to ask about what homework your child has or about any other schoolwork that needs to be done. Please ensure that your child is accountable for her own homework.
  • They are NOT a facility to air grievances or complaints; It would be preferred that members message the concerned person privately or schedule an appointment with the class teacher. Please respect family time.
  • They are NOT a facility to post pictures that you feel members may find funny or cute.
  • They are NOT a facility for chain mail of any kind.
  • They are NOT a facility to notify the teacher or admin that a child will be absent or unable to attend an event. Please contact the teacher or school directly.

What these groups ARE:

  • They ARE a facility for the teacher and the class representative to post information or requests deemed appropriate for the parents, whatever that may be.
  • They ARE a facility that the teacher or admin may use to extract information from parents. Permission for this must be obtained from the class teacher first.
  • They ARE a facility for members to ask questions or make inquiries about issues or events that other parents might be able answer. This needs to be kept to an absolute minimum and last resort.
  • They ARE a facility that members may like to use for sharing photos or information about a relevant event or outing where that member is present; this would be all in the name of sharing moments or information with parents that may also like to know or see.

Please remember, WhatsApp Groups are meant to be useful and certainly not something that proves to be irritating to members. Think before you type!

It must be noted though, that any inappropriate use will be swiftly dealt with by removing the offending member. WhatsApp group administrators are ultimately responsible for posts and therefore have every right to take the necessary action when needed (Click here for article).

Please ensure that at least one parent in contact with your child daily remains available on the relevant group, as dissemination of information pertaining to your child will be one of the functions of WhatsApp groups.

Members are welcome to exit a group but then need to accept that important information may be missed. Consequently, you will need to take full responsibility for not having received information posted onto a group you have exited.

As we are all human and do forget at times, the occasional reminder of the expected etiquette will be brought to your attention when the need arises. Your cooperation in adhering to this would be appreciated.

It needs to be noted that WhatsApp administrators are legally responsible for posts on groups

Lastly, as much as your Thank You’s are appreciated, please could we humbly request that members of a group send them directly to the person concerned. This will help to minimize traffic in that group.

By virtue of being a group member, you unconditionally accept these conditions and agree to abide by them.